Uncle Wayne Watkins  



2011 Summer Library Tour

June 2      10:30     Aina Haina Library, Oahu

June 9      10:30     Kapolei Library, Oahu

June 13    1 pm      Pearl City Library, Oahu

June 15    10:30     Ewa Beach Library, Oahu

June 16    10:30     Hawaii Kai Library, Oahu

June 16    4 pm      Waikiki Library, Oahu

June 22    10:30     Kailua Library, Oahu

June 29    10:30     Lahaina Library, Maui

June 29    1 pm      Wailuku Library, Maui

June 30    10:00     Makawao Library, Maui

June 30    2 pm      Kahului Library, Maui

July 1        10:30     Kihei Library, Maui

Uncle Wayne, on making music:

                I started sharing music with children and families in the 1970’s. I did not set out to make recordings, much less sell them. However the more I shared my music, the more requests I got for recordings. I found the process of recording my music exciting, weird, tedious and expensive. Since I am primarily a live performer I rarely play a song the same way twice, so sticking to the “plan” for the recordings was a challenge. Once I made my recordings available to families with young children I was overwhelmed by the positive response and the stories of  families who eased the strain for their children on long commutes or cross-country trips by playing the “Uncle Wayne” cd over and over again. I always encourage parents to sing with their children. However if some of my recorded music works to supplement your own music, please enjoy the free downloads (coming soon!) and the music available for purchase.*  

*To purchase Uncle Wayne’s music, please click here, and enjoy!

Wayne’s website is under renovation-- please check back soon for plentiful resources and information about Wayne, his music, and early childhood development.